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Response Posts

Response Posts

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Response posts do a fantastic job of thoroughly answering a specific search query.

For a response post, we aim for around 1,000 words to make sure we answer the question, going beyond the superficial answer and covering the intent behind the user’s search query.

Response posts typically get 2-3 images depending on the topic. We’re also usually able to add original, offline research and aim to fulfill reasonable research requests.

Ordering Options

Single Posts – $70 Each (you save $10 per article)

Order as many posts as you like as individual articles. Buy now and as soon as your order sheet is ready, you can submit your order sheet to us through the Customer Dashboard.

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15-Pack – $1,000 (you save $200)

If you’re planning to submit at least 15 articles, this will save you even more money. Order the 15-pack of response posts and then add single posts if you have a few more on your list. Or, just wait until you have another 15 and order another bundle and save.

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35-Pack – $2,250 (you save $550)

If you have an even bigger batch of content to order, you’ll get our deepest discount. Order this 35-pack of response posts and then, when you have your order sheet ready, just submit it through the Customer Dashboard and we’ll get your articles written.

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