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Content Audits

Content Audits


$80 per 5 posts

We created our Content Audits to provide real feedback on your blog content. Each content audit package entitles you to pick 5 articles for us to review and then provide you with specific feedback on several aspects of each article.

When you purchase a content audit, you’ll be able to send us links to the 5 articles and what you’ll get is a report covering each article in depth and providing helpful feedback based on our experience, as well as recommendations for how you could improve the content.

If your articles are live on your site, that’s great. You’ll submit the URL for each blog post and we’ll review it from there. If these articles haven’t been published yet, no problem. We’ll just need a URL for where we can find them. Often the easiest thing to do would be to send us a link to view each one in a Google Doc.

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