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Frequently Asked Questions

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Content Ordering FAQ

Where is the Content Warrior Article Order Sheet?

It’s right here!

1. Simply click the link: Content Warrior Article Order Sheet

2. Once in Google Drive you have to click “File” in the upper left hand corner and select “Make a Copy”.   You cannot edit the sheet, you can only edit the copy.

3. Add the articles you want to order to the spreadsheet.

4. Add the link to the order form!



What if my article topics are technical and hard to write?

We want to make sure we are able to provide you quality content.  If you submit your order and we realize our writers just couldn’t write the content you need, we will send you a message explaining that we can’t write your articles, and your refund will be processed shortly thereafter. 

Can I have rewrites?

Content ordered by any writing service will never be as good as you writing it yourself. We do our best to train our writers, but they will never care about your website as much as you do, and they will never have the same level of expertise as you do.  
You can feel free to request a rewrite, but if we decide the article is something we would be proud to publish on one of our own sites then we reserve the right to decline rewrite requests.  If it’s not something we would be proud to publish, we will rewrite it to the level of quality we would want for ourselves.  
NOTE: Rewrites must be requested within 2 weeks of the time the order was completed. 


The articles are nearly always sold out. How can I get an order in?

Since we want to always have your content delivered within 2 weeks we will never accept orders we can’t fulfill.  At the beginning of every week, as we get content delivered, we will open up more availability.  Just keep checking in and you will get in. We really do want to write for you!

Site Purchasing FAQ

When will sites be up for sale?

We have plans to start putting up a few sites within the month.  

How can I be alerted of sites that have just been listed?

You can sign up for our email alerts! Don’t worry, we will only send you emails when a new site goes up.  Sign Up Here! 

How Do I Get Started?


Add Articles to Our Order Spreadsheet

At the top of the FAQ you can find the order spreadsheet. If you already have your article topics chosen this part will be a breeze!

Fill Out the Article Order Form

A very simple, quick form to make sure we have all of the information we need.  In fact, it will probably take you less than 5 minutes to fill out and check out.

Sit Back and Relax

We’ll take it from here! You can see the status of your articles on the sheet you shared with us so you can have real-time updates on the progress of your articles.