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Income School has built incredibly profitable blogs written by our own writing team.  Now you can hire them for your own site.

It’s simply better content.

Quick Turn Around Guaranteed

If we can’t stay organized enough to get your work done quickly, we don’t deserve your business. Any articles we don’t deliver within *10 Business days will still be finished, delivered, and fully refunded.

Styling and Delivery on Your Site

Each article will be written and delivered right on your WordPress site.  Rather than just getting text and needing to format it for your site, you’re receiving a polished, finished post every single time.

The Right Model

Most writing services incentivize “fluff” writing by paying contractors per article or word. That’s the wrong model.  Our employees can focus in a distraction-free office, and can’t finish any post early.


Original Research

Each order goes to one of our senior employees who assigns research assignments such as online polls, calling an expert, gathering quotes, creating tables, and doing original research.

Way More Convenient

No days-long email conversations about each order.  No invoices, quotes, ick.  You should never need to email us if we do our job right.  Our goal is to make our customer service person super bored.

Income School's Own

It’s us training and overlooking the work of the writers. Income School is known for our success in SEO, having attracted over 100 million pageviews to our sites.  We make sure your posts are done right.

Includes Stock Photos

We invested heavily into a deal with a leading stock photo agency to allow us to transfer image licenses to you.  Every post includes the stock photos at no extra cost–saving you time and money.

As If It Were Our Own

Income School uses this exact service to build our own profitable sites.  We use the same ordering system, and our writers are never even told what posts are for us, and which are for customers.

*The Content Warrior business week runs Monday-Thursday.

Step by step

How We Work



Order Your Articles

We provide competitive pricing and produce better content because of our super efficient model.  Simply link us to your hit list and we’ll get to work.



We Jump Into Action

Dozens of writers each day come in to our office to work for you.  We’ll update your Income School Search Analysis Tool (on Google Sheets) how the writing on each article is progressing, and when it’s done.  You’ll know exactly what’s happening at every moment.



Press Publish

Your content comes back to you right in your WordPress dashboard.  Once your order is complete, it will be ready for you to add your voice and any other finishing touches before you press publish.